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     Shaanxi Deruite Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd was established in August of 2009 with registered capital of CNY1.2million. The company locates in Xi'an,an excellent city in ancient China. With the sponsors' 15years or more experiences in the industry of the land surveying,the company's business is combination of the sale,manfacture and service for the land surveying instruments and accessories.
     The company's products include Total station,Theodolite,Automatic Levels, Rotary Laser levels,Laser distance Meters,Wooden tripod,Aluminum Tripods, Fiberglass tripod,Aluminum leveling staff/rod, Reflect prisms, Prism pole, Tribrach&Adptor,Surveying compass etc..
     The company also committed to the research and development of new products and new technology related to the land surveying instruments. Having established long-term partnership with well-known manufacturers and institutes of the land surveying industry,the company is willing to make a positive contribution to the development of the industry.
     Besides supplying our products, we can give you international trade services with our fully experiences in the field of international trade.
     We co-cordinate everything from initial design through to manufacturing and production, quality control, assembly, packaging, logistics, imp & exp documents preparation and ultra-fast delivery.
     We hope our best service and competitive products will benefit our customers!


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